IT Supplies and Solutions

Teltec delivers IT solutions to the government, corporate and private sectors with ICT Consultancy, Business Solutions, Infrastructure, (hardware, software & Networking, UPSs etc.), and Maintenance Services.

Our entire focus is geared to helping our clients derive value from their investment in IT so that they can become more successful in their core activities. This applies to small businesses, major corporations and government Bodies.

Data Protection and Storage Management

We understand that business data is one of your most valuable assets and therefore you need this data to be secure, available, and managed in compliance with legal requirements.

  • We have the capacity to implement storage management solutions based on the latest storage management software to handle:
  • Data backup and storage management based on the Veritas range of products. We focus to provide the most resilient storage area network and back-up automation infrastructure that guarantees our clients the highest level of data safety.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity management.
  • We implement and manage full disaster recovery and business continuity sites and can provide back-up hardware in disaster recovery situation.

UPS Solutions .

For more than a century, EATON has led the way with innovative technologies and groundbreaking quality initiatives – literally helping to power the world. Teltec offers the entire range of Eaton True on-line, double conversion, and line of UPS equipment.

We are the authorized warranty service provider/Resellers for the Eaton UPS equipment in Uganda, East and Central Africa region.

Teltec has significantly invested in providing excellent after-sales services. Our reliable power protection solutions are highly regarded in the industry, and have been installed in some premier corporate institutions.

  • In response to market needs, we concentrate more on areas where ICT practice in Uganda sectors does not meet current standards.
  • As we learn from each other, we seek to adapt concepts and practices to our own cultural and social-economic context.
  • We aim at the development of Senior and Middle Enterprises, as we believe this will create the highest impact on economic and Technological Growth.
  • We aim to develop entrepreneurship, as we believe that economic development is based on entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Our activities involve computers, servers and related peripherals supplies, ICT consultancy, Networking and office equipment.

Printing Solutions

Businesses have realized that top efficiency necessitates quality printing of documents at the lowest per-page costs, all while meeting environmental considerations.

As the exclusive reseller for Eastern Africa, Teltec has taken a lead in providing top-class printing solutions from industry leaders’ i.e. HP, Dell, Canon and Xerox

High-end Servers

You can count on Teltec’ experience in scaling hardware, understanding brand choices, configuring to availability requirements, and technical capacity to implement and maintain your business critical infrastructure on time and to your expectations.

We have deployed and continue to maintain a wide range of server installations including: High–End stand-alone Servers, and Data Centers.

Teltec is an Authorized service Provider for Dell, HP, and Lenovo


Today, networks are an essential part of business , education, government and home communications, and as a Cisco business partner, we are not only resellers of network devices but specialize in the design, implementation and management of Internet Protocol (IP) based networking solutions.

At Teltec we have the know-how and experience to create secure Internet solutions that allow individuals and organizations to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen competitive advantage.

Network security solutions

Securing corporate networks is a foremost priority for all organizations today. We have dedicated ourselves to intimately understanding emerging corporate security concerns to be able to help our clients stay ahead of the intruders. We deploy solutions that address:

  • Virus control
  • Network intrusion detection - firewalls and intrusion detection
  • Secure transaction management - encryption

Large-Scale Enterprise Solutions

Teltec undertakes large-scale enterprise projects for both business organizations, Non Profit Organizations and government agencies. These projects typically involve the handling of massive amounts of data and a large number of concurrent users with High end related Equipment. They therefore require robust hardware and software components, as well as implementation and project management expertise. Some projects of this nature include:

  • Equipment to be used in National Elections or Census.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) installations for Industrial use, Plotting,Telecom Equipment and related accessories. Backups and others.

On such projects, Teltec typically partners with world-class hardware and software vendors, and carries out integration and implementation on the customer’s site, applying our tested and experienced project management skills, to deliver the project on time and on budget.

We have carried out and delivered such large-scale enterprise solutions successfully, for a number of enterprise and government clients, both within Uganda, and the East African region.

Technical support

Teltec understands that our obligation to our clients goes beyond sale and implementation of infrastructure.

Our Technical Services therefore specialize in offering infrastructure maintenance services to ensure your investment is adequately protected and that it delivers the intended value to your organization.

Our Technical Support provides infrastructure maintenance and warranty services as seen below;

High-end servers and related system software

  • System and database software
  • Printing equipment – HP, Canon, Dell, Epson, Xerox
  • Banking automation products –Detector Scanners/Reader/Encoder
  • Desktop computers and laptops – Dell, Lenovo, HP, IMAC
  • UPS back-up systems – Eaton, APC, Tripplite
  • Networks and network devices – CISCO, Norden, Dlink, Siemon, Krone Standard
  • Data Centers – IBM and SUN
  • Structured Cabling